Who are we?


Pty Ltd was formed to provide alternative consulting, engineering, commissioning and maintenance services for the owners and operators of Building Automation Systems.

Since then we have developed into a multi-faceted engineering and consulting company that encompasses all areas associated with electrical, mechanical, energy and building services.

What do we do?


Pty Ltd approach mechanical, electrical and energy system maintenance and improvements from the facility operators perspective.

On existing facilities, XBS Pty Ltd concentrate on optimising and tuning installed systems to extract the maximum benefit and performance. Only when this processes has been completed will we recommend the purchase of new equipment or the upgrading of existing systems.

For new facilities, tenancy fitouts or major upgrades to existing facilities, XBS can advise owners on the most cost effective application of building technology for their project and either act as their representative during the project or complete the project on their behalf.

How do we do it ?

Since conception, we have applied building control expertise to help our clients implement and maintain cost effective and efficient buildings. Our expertise allows us to incorporate all areas of building services into our optimisation program rather than focusing on singular items such as energy or controls.

As an example, the optimisation process for an air conditioning system can include tuning control systems, balancing air and water systems, reducing heating loads and tracking the costs associated with the resources used to operate the systems. It may also mean ensuring tenants are charged for their after hours use of the building systems.

Our Guarantee

Honesty, objectivity and understanding are essential to the way we operate our business. We are a company that honours commitment, keeps promises and manages all facets of business in accordance with a strict code of conduct.
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