System Audit / Risk Management

Is your BMS being maintained as per the terms of your maintenance agreement? What would happen if your control system failed? XBS provide independent control system auditing service to check the performance of any currently maintained BMS or control system. We advise on the impact of BMS failure on the operation of plant and suggest items of control equipment that should be kept on site as emergency replacements and/or modify systems to allow manual control or failsafe operation during a system failure.

Building Management Systems

It is a well known but little acknowledged fact that many BMS projects are never 100% completed or adequately checked for correct operation and, as a result, are either not operating correctly or at least not operating to their optimum performance or efficiency.

XBS can do this for you.

Building Automation

Service contracts offered by the suppliers of the equipment do not usually allow for the correction or optimisation of software and concentrate mainly on the rectification of hardware faults. This form of service is geared mainly towards the equipment supplier, as the system owner does not benefit from system improvement, only replacement of defective parts.

XBS provide a service that will rectify faults with your hardware and optimise performance to decrease the incidence and cost of equipment failure. "System Optimisation" is the platform on which we base our service.

Air Conditioning Controls

Even stand-alone air conditioning controllers may be wasting energy and your staff's time. Problems are harder to diagnose with these smaller systems as, unlike Building Management Systems, there aren't any graphical displays or alarms to notify operations staff of inconsistencies. A yearly maintenance to your air conditioning controllers that includes temperature sensor calibration, control valve maintenance and control loop tuning, could prevent sudden and expensive equipment failure and / or save money on your energy bills.

Energy Audits

Energy Usage Audits

It is hard to make energy savings if you don't know where energy is being wasted. An energy usage audit is the tool for devising an Energy Management Solution. From air conditioning plant to lighting and waste management, all these items can have an impact on the cost to operate your building. Bring your energy bills and let XBS work with you to implement an Energy Management Solution.

Energy Management Solutions

The utilisation of the BMS as an energy saving device is something that is finally being recognised by building operators and owners. XBS offer a combined consulting/ design/ installation service for BMS energy saving solutions including the installation of hardware such as variable speed drives and the modification of existing software programs to include energy efficiency techniques.

Lighting Controls

There are a range of energy efficient lighting solutions available on the market today. From electronic ballasts for individual fluorescent lights to automatic energy controllers that can be retro-fitted to whole lighting circuits in under an hour, XBS can provide a customised approach to your application.

Electrical Services

Electrical maintenance services is an area that is often overlooked. Electrical switchboard and / or wiring failures can be catastrophic and costly and often occurs without warning. If your switchboard develops hot-joints, the potential risks are switchboard fires and / or major short circuits. If tenants have overloaded the house services without your knowledge the result is a main circuit breaker failure and potential generator overload, if installed, not to mention the disruption caused. For electrical diagnostics, programmed maintenance, auditing services, thermographic detection reports or if you require any form of electrical installation, from a new lighting circuit, mechanical services switchboard or a computer network, contact XBS for a competitive solution.

Building Compliance Audits

As part of an owners due diligence and OHS requirements it is important for an owner / agent to be aware of the conditions and services being provided in their establishment. Often an owner is removed from the daily operations of their investments and leave these in the hands of managing agents who equally rely upon the credibility of their nominated contractors. Unfortunately, the owner remains ultimately responsible for any items of non-compliance, even due to the negligence of others. To overcome potential liabilities, XBS provide a general building compliance audit which is undertaken once per annum and covers all aspects of building services and associated compliances in accordance with Australian Standards.

As independent auditors, XBS remain unbiased and impartial to the operations and contractors alike and provide the owners with peace of mind by compiling a comprehensive report on their investment. XBS utilise a report which encompasses fire, mechanical, electrical, lifts, security and hydraulic services and discloses any items of non-compliance for the previous year. Once established, the document can be used as a tool to attract new tenants or assist in the sale of an asset. Without such a document, the owners investment can become a liability, leaving themselves subject to increased property and environmental risks.

Building Certification Services (Mechanical)

The annual building certification declaration (formerly Form 15A) regarding essential services and fire regulations are a major concern for all owners and agents alike. Without proper understanding of the declarations provided by nominated contractors the owner / agent is again reliant on the credibility of the chosen contractor. It has been the experience of XBS that contractors do not often know the design intent of some fire operations within the buildings they service, especially when specific fire engineered solutions have been implemented. XBS are the platform between the installed control system, the mechanical contractor and the fire services engineer to maintain the integrity of the mechanical services in FIRE MODE!

As independent auditors, we ensure this primary function is done properly to ascertain the confidence of the certifier.

Air and Water Balancing

Control of temperature, humidity and CO2 cannot be achieved by efficient control systems alone and are highly reliant upon specified quantities of air and water. XBS will measure air quantities with industry standard equipment and calibrate the associated control systems simultaneously.

Equally important are chilled water, condenser water and heater water quantities which are often overlooked in existing installations. XBS undertake water balance checks as part of an optimisation process and provide data reports and recommendations.

XBS provide a one-stop shop for balancing actual systems and calibrating the related controls.

Other Services

  1. General and specialised customer training.
  2. Personalised graphical displays.
  3. Streamlined reporting and alarming functions.
  4. Maintain a system performance and faults database.
  5. Electrical installation and service including, power, control and data cabling.
  6. Remote site monitoring.
  7. Servicing, maintenance and installation of building access systems.
  8. Risk management.


can also provide recommendations for a variety of contractors across a diverse range of building services that have proven ability and commitment to assist the client's needs in making the right choice.